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Educational Programs

Dual Language And Heritage Programs

A Dual Language and Heritage program is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and core content in two languages: Spanish and English. Dual language programs foster bilingualism, bi-literacy, enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity, and high levels of academic achievement through instruction in two languages. This program prepares your student to participate in Spanish coursework in middle school and graduate with the prestigious Bilingual Seal.

The dual language and heritage programs provide children with the opportunity to learn Spanish through Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. There are two tracts for bilingual education at Carlos Rey. The first is a 50-50 model where they are instructed in English and Spanish every day. The Heritage Program is 60 minutes a day, students are instructed in Spanish for 60 min every day, the rest of their instruction is given in English. If Would Like Your Child To Participate In The Bilingual/heritage Program, Please Speak With A Member Of The Bilingual Team.

Gate Program

Gifted Education in New Mexico is under the umbrella of Special Education. A gifted child in this state is defined as a school-age person who intellectual ability paired with subject matter aptitude/achievement, creativity/divergent thinking, or problem-solving/critical thinking is so outstanding that a properly constituted Individual Education Plan (IEP) and diagnostic testing, decide special education services are required to meet the child's educational needs.

Special Education-B Level Resource Room

This teacher operates a program, which is designed to assist the regular classroom teacher with students whom have some limited academic problems. Students usually are placed in this program for minimal support in reading or math.

Special Education-D Level – Self-Contained

The students working with the D Level teacher are placed in the self-contained classroom full time. The students in this program have learning or emotional disabilities, which prevent them for maximum instructional benefit in a regular educational classroom. The students served in this program usually share lunch, P.E. Library, and Technology with the regular educational classroom students. As the student become more able, they are integrated or mainstreamed into a regular classroom. A teacher and assistant work with a maximum of class size of 8 students.

Speech and Language Pathologist

These teachers help students with problems producing correct or fluent speech. Comprehension and production of language vocabulary, memory, auditory processing, words retrieval, verbal organization and formulation skills. An IEP has to be in place so student may receive services.

Title 1- Early Childhood Literacy Program

The teachers in this program provide experience for instruction for children K-5 where development stages are not synchronized with the curriculum being offered. Real and vicarious experiences are used to enrich the student’s perceptions. They are provided literacy instruction in small groups, 6 students to 1 teacher.

Occupational Therapy Program

Students from Carlos Rey have on site occupational therapy services. Occupational therapy in the schools is part of ancillary services the public schools are mandated by PL94-142 to provide to qualified students. The occupational therapist’s role in the system is to assist the student to learn and achieve according to that student’s potential.