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Lost & Found, Money, Valuables and Toys


  1. Students should never carry unnecessary amounts of money.  If money is needed at school to pay for items, it should be brought on the day due and taken as soon as possible to the appropriate person.
  2. Textbooks and personal belongings:  jackets, coats, outer clothing, lunch boxes, sack lunches, etc. should be marked with the student’s name.
  3. Students should keep all personal items with them and not leave them unattended. 
  4. Students may not bring toys or playthings from home.  The PE Department provides playground equipment for each classroom.
  5. Textbooks or books that are lost, stolen or damages are the responsibility of the student and parents must pay for the item.
  6. Should something be found that belongs to someone else, it should be turned in to the office.


Students are not allowed to bring personal toys to school.  Bringing such items increases the risk for these to be broken, stolen or lost.  Personal belongings have been known to cause disagreements, disrupt organized activities, and inflict pain upon others.  Please understand we have your child’s well-being and safety in mind.  Once again, do not allow your child to bring such items to school or they may be confiscated.  Skateboards, roller-shoes, and scooters are not allowed at school. 

The wheels must be removed from the roller-shoes prior to entering campus.