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Student & Traffic Safety

In order for all our students to be safe, we need for all adults to follow the procedures set by the BLUZ Team, APD, APS school Police and our Effective and Efficient Goal Team. 

At dismissal time, students who walk home and need to cross the street must walk to the crosswalk on the corner of Cerrillos and Delgado

Please remember that the student drop-off and pick-up area is located on the east parking lot by the kindergarten building and in the Northwest side of the campus off of Delgado. To keep all children safe, it is important to follow these procedures when dropping off and picking up your child.


The APS Safety Office and the City Fire Marshall’s Office prohibit parking in areas in front of the school that are painted in RED.  Vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. Emergency vehicles must have access to all entrances of the school at all times.  Parents who pickup their children must use designated areas.  Please encourage your children to use the crosswalks in front of the school. 

Please Do Not Block the bus drop off lanes in front of the Kindergarten building.

When dropping off your child in the Drop-off/Pick-up Area:

  1. Park your car in an appropriate parking space and walk your child onto the school grounds or
  2. Stop along the curb and drop off your child on the curbside.  Be sure to pull up as far as possible so that other cars can pull up behind you.  Do not use the drop-off/pick-lane to park your car.  Do not leave your car unattended when in the drop-off/pick-up area.

When picking up your child in the Drop-off/Pick-up Area:

  1. Students need to remain on the sidewalk until their ride arrives and properly pulls up to the pick up area.
  2. Park your car in an appropriate parking space and walk him/her from the school grounds to your car or
  3. Stop along the curb.  Be sure to pull up as far as possible so that other cars can pull up behind you.  Teachers will dismiss your child when you pull up to the curb and the student identifies you.  Remember to pick him/her up on the curbside of the pick up area.

For the Safety of your child, children should not walk alone through cars in the parking lot in order to get to and from your car:

The Northwest parking lot is for staff parking. The drive through is for dropping off students only.  Please do not park your car or drop off/pick up your child in this parking lot.  Do not park across the street and expect your child to cross in the middle of the street to your car.  For the safety of everyone concerned, we are asking that everyone use the crosswalk that has a crossing guard.  Remember that it is illegal to park along the yellow curb or the fire lane in front of the school.  Albuquerque police will be issuing citations for illegal parking and jaywalking