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Behavioral Expectations for Parents

We highly recommend you to take a look at the district’s website.  This website is through and will give all policies and procedures in depth.  Our handbook is only a supplement to what the district expects from our faculty, your children and you as a parent.  Copies of district administrative directives are available for review at each school library and on the district’s web site at


School officials are partners with parents in the process of educating our children.  Every parent, guardian and family member of the school community shares in the responsibility for educating children in a safe and productive environment.  You share in this responsibility when you:

  • Get your students to school on time every day.  Punctuality and good attendance are family responsibilities.
  • Provide a suitable time and place for your child to study at home.  
  • Make learning a priority.
  • Maintain regular communication with your children’s teachers, school administrators and other school staff members.
  • Stay informed of your child’s ongoing scholastic achievement and progress, and advocate for your child's learning needs.
  • Understand our district rules and the rules at your child’s school. 
  • Support school administrators in enforcing these rules.
  • Support the school and the Board of Education as they maintain high standards of behavior for all students.

Adhere to the Carlos Rey dress policy.